Acne Skincare Kit


Kit includes:

1oz Salicylic Wash, 1oz B.P. Scrub, 1oz B.P Gel, 1oz Vitamin C Rehydration Gel, 1oz Ultra Hydrating Moisturizer,1oz Daily Moisturizer SPF30, 0.5oz Cell Regeneration Cream


Our skincare kits offer the double convenience of being small enough to fit in your carry-on bag, and big enough to last you for a full month!


.5 to 1 oz. bottles

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Anti-aging eye cream developed for use on all the delicate areas around the eye

Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, de-puffs the look of bags under eyes and reduces the appearance of dark circles under eyes

Use day and/or night on cleansed skin

Apply the eye cream in a gentle smoothing action from the inner corner towards the outer corner of the eye

  • Dermatologist
  • Allergy
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Opthalmologist

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