Meet Andrew J. Bryden-Larin: Your Skincare Expert

Andrew Bryden (CEO)


What Inspires and Influences Me?

As someone who’s about to turn 50, I wholeheartedly embrace these products and dedicate myself to them. They inspire and influence me because they’ve been a part of my transformative journey. This stage of life brings me deep satisfaction, and it’s truly amazing when people mistake me for being in my thirties. It shows how effective our skincare solutions are.

I’d love to share a picture that perfectly captures this journey of transformation. It’s a way to inspire others to appreciate their own beauty and take care of their skin. The secret to looking young lies in my unwavering commitment to these carefully made, incredible products. They continue to inspire and influence people all over the world.


Hello, And Welcome!


Welcome to Newport Cosmeceuticals! As the Chief Executive Officer and founder, I draw inspiration from my community, friends, and family. I am grateful for the chance to serve them by bringing my dream of creating exceptional skincare products to life. With years of experience and a proven track record in the industry, I aim to inspire and influence others by providing you with top-grade medical-grade products at an affordable cost.

My background in leadership and innovation includes working with esteemed companies like Newport Pointe Medical Centers and Newport Heights Surgical Centers. Here are some highlights of my accomplishments:

Newport Cosmeceuticals Inc.:

  • Conceptualized, researched, and developed products with superior formulations.
  • Created a nationwide sales force representing the company’s OTC drug formulations.
  • Achieved 40% profitability per unit through thorough profit analysis and budgeting.

AMJ Skin Research Inc.:

  • Conducted comprehensive market analysis and developed products for the Amazon marketplace.
  • Built an efficient team that exceeded overall sales goals by 600% through optimized ad spend.
  • Collaborated with the development team to create highly effective consumer-preferred products.

Newport Pointe Medical Centers:

  • Established eight full-service medical centers nationwide with a dedicated medical team.
  • Ensured compliance with medical standards and government regulations.
  • Generated $960 million in revenue and increased profitability by 19% in the second year.

Newport Heights Surgical Centers:

  • Ensured surgical center certification compliance and streamlined organizational setup.
  • Managed physician recruitment, insurance reimbursement, and profitability planning.
  • Achieved $72 million in revenue with a 20% margin of profitability.

With a background in Business Administration, majoring in Accounting, General Management, and Marketing, along with a minor in Bio-Chemistry from the University of California, Irvine, I bring a well-rounded skill set to Newport Cosmeceuticals.

At Newport Cosmeceuticals, we prioritize providing you with an intimate shopping experience. Each bottle is hand-filled to ensure precise dosages tailored to your specific needs. What truly sets us apart is our commitment to fresh ingredients.

As a smaller company, we sell fresh ingredients for potent products every month. Inspiration and influence drive us to provide the best skincare solutions. Choose Newport Cosmeceuticals for trust in potent products, no leftovers like larger companies. Our dedication to freshness, inspired by innovation and industry leaders, ensures full benefits from our formulations.

For effective skincare without breaking the bank, choose us. Our inspiration and influence come from renowned industry leaders like Dr. Helton and Dr. Fulton, the Retin-A inventor. Their expertise and contributions shape our approach to skincare.

Thank you for considering Newport Cosmeceuticals. I am humbled to serve you and invite you to explore our skincare range. Experience the difference quality, expertise, and fresh ingredients make in your routine. Join us on this journey inspired by industry leaders and driven by our passion for innovation.


“Age is just a number, but Newport’s products make 50 look like the new 30!”