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Unlock Radiant Skin with Newport Cosmeceutical’s Glycolic Pads – 10%

Exfoliating Pore Minimizer for a Flawless Complexion


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Newport Cosmeceutical’s Glycolic Pads – 10% offer an exceptional solution for individuals seeking a radiant and flawless complexion. Packed with the power of glycolic acid, these pads help control excess oil, remove dead skin cells, improve skin tone and texture, increase new cell production, maximize treatment penetration, and effectively tackle common skincare concerns such as ingrown hairs and razor bumps. With rave reviews from satisfied customers, these pads have become a must-have beauty product for women everywhere.

Small and Compact for On-The-Go Use

The convenience of Newport Cosmeceutical’s Glycolic Pads – 10% is undeniable. These pads are small and compact, making them easy to carry wherever you go. Whether you’re traveling or need a quick touch-up during the day, these pads are the perfect companion. Each container comes with 50 pads, providing ample supply for approximately a month and a half of regular use, as confirmed by our data.

Enhance Makeup Application and Removal

One of the significant advantages of Newport Cosmeceutical’s Glycolic Pads – 10% is their compatibility with makeup. Women love using these pads before applying makeup as they help create a smooth canvas for flawless application. Additionally, these pads serve as an excellent makeup remover, effortlessly wiping away even the most stubborn products. Simplify your beauty routine with these versatile pads that provide multiple benefits in a single product.

Powerful Exfoliation and Pore Minimization

The glycolic acid content in Newport Cosmeceutical’s Glycolic Pads – 10% makes them highly effective in exfoliating the skin. By removing dead skin cells, these pads reveal a fresh and rejuvenated complexion. Moreover, they help minimize the appearance of pores, giving your skin a refined and smoother texture. Bid farewell to dull and congested skin and embrace a radiant and glowing appearance.

Maximize Skincare Treatment Results

Are you frustrated with your skincare products not delivering the desired results? Look no further than Newport Cosmeceutical’s Glycolic Pads – 10%. These pads maximize the penetration of other treatments, ensuring that the active ingredients in your serums and moisturizers can work their magic. By using these pads before applying your favorite skincare products, you’ll enhance their efficacy and achieve optimal results.

Control Ingrown Hairs and Minimize Razor Bumps

Newport Cosmeceutical’s Glycolic Pads – 10% are not limited to facial skincare. They also serve as an effective solution for controlling ingrown hairs and minimizing razor bumps. Simply use these pads on cleansed skin to prevent and alleviate these common shaving concerns. Experience smoother and healthier-looking skin even after shaving and bid farewell to the discomfort of ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

Take It Up a Notch with Newport Cosmeceutical’s Glycolic Pads – 20%     

A Little Extra Power for Skincare Enthusiasts


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While our Glycolic Pads – 10% are the preferred choice for most of our customers, we understand that some individuals prefer a little more strength in their glycolic acid treatment. That’s why we offer Newport Cosmeceutical’s Glycolic Pads – 20%. These pads provide an extra level of exfoliation and pore minimization, perfect for those who desire a stronger glycolic acid formulation.

With the same convenient size and on-the-go usability as our 10% pads, Newport Cosmeceutical’s Glycolic Pads – 20% deliver a heightened skincare experience. They offer intensified results for individuals who have built up a tolerance to glycolic acid or prefer a more robust exfoliating treatment. Achieve even smoother, more refined skin with our 20% pads, and enjoy the transformative power of a little extra strength.

Choose Your Strength: 10% or 20%

Boost Your Skincare Routine with Extra Power!


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At Newport Cosmeceutical, we believe in providing options to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our Glycolic Pads – 10% and 20% offer distinct levels of glycolic acid, allowing you to choose the strength that suits your preferences and skincare goals. Whether you opt for the tried-and-true effectiveness of our 10% pads or crave the added power of our 20% pads, you can trust Newport Cosmeceutical to deliver exceptional results.

In conclusion, Newport Cosmeceutical’s Glycolic Pads – 10% and 20% are game-changers in the skincare industry. With their ability to control excess oil, remove dead skin cells, improve skin tone and texture, increase cell production, maximize treatment penetration, control ingrown hairs, and minimize razor bumps, these pads offer comprehensive solutions for achieving radiant and flawless skin. Their small and compact design allows for on-the-go use, and each container contains 50 pads, providing a month and a half-supply for most customers. Choose your strength and unlock the secret to a glowing complexion with Newport Cosmeceutical’s Glycolic Pads.

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Don’t Forget to Checkout Our 13% Glycolic Acid Face Wash! 

Glycolic Acid Face Wash: Must-Have Addition to Your Skincare Routine!


glycolic wash

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Rated 4.85 out of 5 based on 65 customer ratings and 65 customer reviews, Newport Cosmeceutical’s Glycolic Acid Face Wash is a game-changer. Our advanced formula exfoliating face wash reaches deep within the pores, extracting pollutants, dirt, oil, and makeup residue. Experience the power of our natural face wash that doubles as a highly effective acne cleanser when used daily. Elevate your skincare routine with Newport Cosmeceutical’s Glycolic Acid Face Wash today!

  • Purges the Pores: Our face wash targets deep-seated impurities, leaving your skin feeling fresh and revitalized.
  • Wrinkle Releaser: Unleash the potential of glycolic acid to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, promoting smoother-looking skin.
  • Spot Reduction: Combat spots and uneven skin tone with our specialized formula that works to minimize their appearance.
  • Paraben-Free: Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our face wash is free from parabens, providing a safer skincare option.

To achieve clear, youthful skin, simply pour a small amount onto your fingertips and smooth onto your face and neck in a thin, even layer. Upgrade your skincare routine with Newport Cosmeceutical’s Glycolic Acid Face Wash today and experience the transformative power of purified, radiant skin.

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