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13% Glycolic Acid Face Wash

When it comes to skin brighteners that also target acne & smooth out wrinkles or lines, there’s no better ingredient than glycolic acid. Commonly found in high-end skin care products, this unique compound is also a powerful skin exfoliator that renders a firmer, more supple texture & a smoother appearance.

♢Effective Wrinkle Release Featuring glycolic acid as its main ingredient, our skincare cleanser rids the pores of impurities while it gradually releases & removes wrinkles & fine lines. The result is clearer, softer & more youthful skin

♢Exfoliates Tired, Dry Skin Skin that appears dull, tired & lackluster is in desperate need of exfoliation. And this fast-acting glycolic face wash provides exfoliating powers without the use of rough additives. Youthful glow, here you come!

♢Banishes Blackheads Blackheads are typically caused by buildup, but this invigorating face wash helps purge & then shrink the pores. No more picking, prodding or pimple popping. Get ready to experience easy daily skincare.



Containing glycolic acid, our advanced formula exfoliating face wash reaches deep within the pores to thoroughly extract pollutants & impurities such as dirt, oil & makeup residue. Newports natural face wash works as a highly effective acne cleanser when used daily.

Pour a small amount onto your fingertips and smooth onto your face and neck. Apply in a thin, even layer.

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