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Complimentary Skincare Consultation

With the CEO

What Makes Newport Cosmeceuticals Different?

Unlike many other brands, we are genuinely committed to helping people feel better about themselves and more confident in their own skin, which is what we are most passionate about.

Whether you try our Medical Grade products or use another brand, as long as you have the right information about ingredients and routine, helping you achieve amazing skin, that’s Andrew’s personal goal.

Over the past 25 years, Newport Cosmeceuticals has developed every skin care product needed to treat all skin conditions. This is why we are so confident in offering our unbiased advice on what works best for any given skincare issue, even if you plan to buy the same products from another company.

Book your consultation today!

Coming very soon! 12 free 15-to-25-minute Zoom consultations per day with Andrew to answer any questions you may have live.

(This will be on a first-come, first-served basis as his time is limited.)

If you are interested in our free Zoom consultations, please include a (YES, I am interested) in your email along with any photos or questions.

Julie Designation

I've been using Newport products for more than 15 years, and they consistently produce high-quality goods.

Lili Designation

With so many brands available today, finding high-quality skincare products at reasonable prices is difficult. I'm happy I was able to discover this excellent skincare business that offers everything I require.

Steve Designation

I started buying Newport products for my girlfriend, and she loved them so much that I decided to try them myself. I can honestly say that I am grateful that a friend recommended them to me.

Alison Designation

I Love Newport!!

Ilianna Designation

I use my Newport products every day and I can't live without them!

Nadine Designation

My mother and I switched to Newport when our other brands became too expensive during the COVID era, my mother and I switched to Newport. We are happy we switched because the lower-end brands provide the same amazing results at a fraction of the price.

Cody Designation

I love how easy Newport products are for men. Very straight forward. I like that.

Brad Designation

great products! Newport Rocks!

Rod Designation

Newport was the first skincare bran I have ever used, and I am glad I found them.

Johanna Designation

One of the best small skin care businesses in the industry, in my opinion. Prices can't be beaten!

Kimberly Designation

My skin has become very dry during this heat wave. Newport's moisturizing creams have made my skin feel like we are in 70-degree weather again LOL.

Sharon Designation

I tried their eye-duo serums to see if they could help my dark circles fad a bit. Let's just say it worked better than I could ever have imagined. The dark circles were nearly nonexistent after about 2 weeks of daily use. I am a customer for life now.

Leslie Designation

I had my Free assessment last month and Andrew helped me choose 3 products that would help best take care of some discoloration that started appearing on my arms. I was able to start wearing tank tops again after a little over 3 weeks of using them.

Carrie Designation

Every day, I use my buffing granules and mild gel cleanser. Without it, I would be a complete mess.

Christy Designation

The Restore Anti-Aging Serum from Newport is without a doubt the best I have ever used. I will always be appreciative of Andrew for providing such a fantastic product.

Susan Designation

Best buffing granules available, hands down! Prices really help to differentiate this product.

Craig Designation

I only use the mild gel cleanser and buffing granules. They're great, and I'll probably keep using them forever. They are the cheapest items I've ever purchased that do so much for me.

Kim Designation

I'm a big fan of their Eye Regeneration Complex and Eye Repair Cream. These products have removed the dark circles I had for over ten years before discovering Newport.

Sara Designation

After three weeks of using Newport's "Double Trouble" Eye Cream, my dark bags are already starting to fade. This company is fantastic!!

Rose Designation

I appreciate the one-on-one attention this company gives me; they always respond quickly with helpful suggestions for any skin issues I may be having.

Noelle Designation

Prices are inexpensive for high-quality medical products that work. I'm glad I came across this website.

Andrea Designation

Newport is my one-stop shop for all skincare products that are effective and affordable.

Sydney Designation

Thank you very much, Mom! With the rising cost of everything, it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to purchase skincare products. Newport allows me to continue using Medical Grade products at a price I can afford right now.

Candace Designation

Their L3 Lightening Serum has assisted me in controlling my pigmentation. This product is unlike any other over-the-counter hyperpigmentation treatment I've tried.

Kate Designation

As a lotion, I use Newport's Intense Hydration Cream, which is the best I've ever used, and I adore it!


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